Monday, September 1, 2014

The Kids Are Back in Town

Fun at Coolidge Park and the Market at the River Walk.  The kids are in the empty pavilion yelling so they can hear the echo.  Even Joshua got in on the noise.  The painted face lasted until Isaac fell asleep in the car.  Ella's was gone after 2 jumps in the pool at Pop's house.
I sure have missed these kids.  I hadn't seen them since the beginning of June.  Joshua was just barely sitting up then.  He is now crawling.
They are TOO far away.  I love them so much.
It was a great weekend.  Both Courtney and her family and Shelly and Will came this time.  Stan even got to spend some time with us.  It is wonderful to have the family together all at once.
Notice the new shoes.  Everyone except Joshua got new shoes.  His cute, chubby, little feet don't need shoes yet!!!

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